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Traffic Signals


Traffic/Pedestrian Signal


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The left turn lane onto Gale Lemerand Drive from Archer Road (heading West on Archer) in to Parking Garage 9 malfunctions DAILY. I have been late to work numerous times because the left turn light doesn’t turn when it should. I have sat at that light myself for over 15 minutes while every other direction goes several times. I have seen shuttle buses get caught at at the light numerous times also. I drive a long distance to work, and I accept that I have to allow time for weather and car accidents, roadwork etc. I feel that having to allow extra time for a malfunctioning traffic light is not reasonable. If the light is on a sensor, perhaps it should be on a timer instead, because at peak times of the day, there are ALWAYS cars waiting at that light to enter Parking Garage 9. There are well over 500 parking spaces there, and the commuter lot is accessed by many people from there as well. Please consider reviewing and correcting this issue.

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Q. Please select the problem occurring with the traffic signal.
A. Cycle/timing issue
Q. Which direction is the problem?
A. North-South


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