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Complete Bicycle Facilities Needed on Crucial Link between Trail Systems مفتوح

5098 Dawes Avenue Alexandria, Virginia عرض على الخريطة إخفاء الخريطة
تحريك علامة لتمثيل موقع القضية الخاص بك. سوف عنوان لا يتغير.

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pothole, tree, road safety, bike concern


George Mason and Beauregard/Walter Reed are the only routes to move between the trails systems of Doctors Branch, WO&D,4 mile Run and Holmes Run.
The current bike lanes, paths and sharrows are disjointed and abruptly end.
On George Mason a parking separated bike lane in each direction on the 1100 to 3600 blocks would narrow the roadway and slow down speeding drivers.
Dawes avenue could readjusted to give some space back to bikes and the Walter Reed trail and George Mason lanes could funnel into that to keep bikes of the high speed arterials of Beauregard and Seminary.
Tying together the trail systems of Holmes Run with Wo&D/4 mile run greatly increases the utility of the whole network.

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