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"Alabama Islamic Education Center of Fatima Zahra" sign is weathered at the corner of Logan Drive and South Memorial Parkway.

72.11. - Maintenance. All signs shall be maintained in safe condition, free from damage or the results of excessive weathering. At any time the zoning administrator shall find that any permitted sign is in a bad state of repair, or is in danger of falling, or presents a hazard from electrical shock or fire, or at any time a permitted sign is found to be in such bad state of repair or maintenance as to adversely affect the property values in the surrounding neighborhood, then said zoning administrator shall make and enter an order directed to the owner or person in charge of said sign commanding its removal or its repair or maintenance as therein stated. Any orders issued under this section shall be subject to an appeal to the board of zoning adjustment in the same manner as other appeals are taken to said board. The board of zoning adjustment is hereby empowered to hear said appeal and to make and enter an order directing the repair or maintenance of said sign upon a finding by said board that the condition of the sign, due to lack of maintenance, or disrepair, is a nuisance and adversely affects the property values in the surrounding neighborhood. Appeals from the board of adjustment shall lie to the circuit court in the same manner as all other appeals. It shall be unlawful for any person to continue to maintain any sign contrary to the orders of the zoning administrator under this section, except during the time that such order is under appeal to the board of zoning adjustment or to the circuit court as provided herein. (Ord. No. 07-460, § 7, 6-28-2007)


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