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Roswell, Georgia


Traffic (Signal Concern)


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I travel to work at 4:30 am. The traffic lights at Grimes Bridge, Warsaw, Old Holcomb Bridge, and Dogwood are so miss timed that it takes 5-7 minutes to travel from Hwy 9 over to GA 400. There's no traffic on the side streets but you will sit at each light for 2 minutes. It's been messed up since the paving. I called GDOT and they said it's city controlled at night.

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  • Department of Transportation (Représentant de la municipalité vérifié)

  • Reconnu Traffic Engineering (Représentant de la municipalité vérifié)

  • Traffic Engineering (Représentant de la municipalité vérifié)

  • Clos Derrick Crowder (Représentant de la municipalité vérifié)

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