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Mailbox/Yard Plaques


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The door on my large mailbox is no longer attached....the hinges are disconnected. Guess it’s time for a replacement?

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Q. Maintenance and/or replacement required for:
A. Mailbox
Q. Is the mailbox/yard plaque missing?
A. No
Q. Is the mailbox/yard plaque damaged/require maintenance?
A. Yes
Q. If maintenance on a mailbox is required, what size is the mailbox?
A. Large (12X24X16)
Q. If the mailbox was damaged by a known person/company, please list their name and address below for billing purposes. (Note: A damaged mailbox typically ranges from $30-$50. A damaged post can range anywhere from $115 - $130. A total replacement of mailbox and post is $185)
A. No Answer Given

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