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Hoover, AL


Building Inspection/Permits


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pothole, road safety


This company is apparently laying cable for Verizon or ATT in my neighborhood, Mountain Oaks. Thus far they have damaged the copper piping on my side of the water meter and my front yard in general. As of this morning they have parked an enormous piece of equipment without my consent in my yard not merely in front of my house but totally on my grass for the past several days. Prior to this they have dug several large holes and covered them with straw. If I had not come home and walked over to my meter and seen the pipe with my own eyes I doubt they would have told me. I called the company and have not heard back. The supervisor finally responded to my email sent directly to him last night and said they were trying figure out what they are going to do. I am a single woman and this has made me not only upset but concerned for my property and even my safety. What if one of these guys get fired? I have pictures of the damaged pipe as well as their equipment and trucks in my yard. Help! 1138 Mountain Oaks drive Hoover. They told me yesterday that they would be here 2 more days. Then what? I'm concerned about my other neighbors property as well. What rights do we have as property owners? Shouldn't this company have to obtain permits or permission to be digging up entire neighborhoods? I thought this was a city project which is why I hadn't complained before. It was only after I found out it's a private company I became seriously upset.
thank you in advance
Sherri Harris

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Q. Is a permit required for replacing a roof in Hoover? Yes, a permit is required for any job that is over $1000.00 and/or needs an inspection.
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