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Blight (Property Maintenance Issue)


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The city of Bridgeport, CT owns 38-40 McKinley Avenue, which is low income housing. The tenants over there are throwing pieces of wall paneling & other objects, (old TVs, etc.) literally out the windows late at night & the items land to the right of the house, & to the left, which IS on the property. However, it is large pieces of wood, paneling, etc., & these items have been sitting over there in the front of the house to the right & left, & please remove them. They make the neighborhood look like a ghetto. IF we get high winds, these items can become air born & cause a lot of damage, & they are laying out there in the last snow & rain we had last week. Why they just don't contact you themselves is beyond me. It would be appreciated if you could pass by & remove these eyesores, If the winds kick up, it will be flying debris & there are a lot of cars around here they could get damaged. I saw one of the other neighbors clean some of it last week & they put the junk in the neighbor's big bin. But, the tenants over there threw more things out the windows since then. Thank you

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