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Pavement Markings (Missing, Needed or Damaged)


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A "YIELD" sign is needed on Henry Johnson Boulevard where it dead-ends into Washington Park (at the WWI Monument) at Plan of Union Boulevard. Drivers traveling west on Plan of Union in this vicinity have the right-of-way, yet, drivers exiting Henry Johnson in this vicinity (who must TURN left/east or right/west, and thus, who do NOT have the right-of-way routinely drive through this 3-way intersection without (even) slowing down. Further, most drivers exiting Henry Johnson Boulevard and turning left tend to lose track of their position on the roadway, veering into the path of oncoming traffic. I have observed this situation since August 2000. Although the city frowns on traffic controls in Washington Park, IMO, center-of-the-road lines and a yield line at the end of Henry Johnson are much needed.

also asked...
Q. What is the damage or issue?
A. Lack of "YIELD" signage & street lane division lines
Q. What is the exact location or intersection?
A. Henry Johnson Boulevard at Plan of Union Avenue at/in Washington Park

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