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Not Plowed in Days: What a Waste of Taxes Open

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road safety, snow


Here we are again!!! As usual, Neptune Township never knows priority, especially plowing snow in an efficient manner. Let's remember that Neptune just built an $11 million pool in the high school, but what about spending money on other important issues, such as, recruiting more workers for plowing in the winter months and getting the best plowing trucks and technology? I guess the township doesn't have an answer for this question. The Board of Neptune needs to get real about issues that matter and spend our taxes on things that do matter in emergencies such as this winter storm of Dec. 2010. See this is what happens when the township spends money on an unecessary pool and not on sand, salt, and plows to help people get out of their homes in order to go to work after a snowstorm. Also, any Board member of Neptune township wishing to keep their position next election, you better start thinking smarter on major issues such as this, because it's ridiculos, irritating, frustrating in dealing with things our taxes should go to. This township is miserable. Let's remember that the people in charge of Neptune are the reason why this town fails at priority. I guess spending taxes on silly things is more important than the safety of its residents.

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