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Streets - Street Deterioration


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Lynn-Highland Park

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pothole, crosswalk


I am a special assistant for Councilmember Gallo and reporting this issue based on comments from a Nextdoor post and my own observations. MacArthur Blvd at Park Blvd, as you approach the light from the Park Blvd Exit on 580 East is completely deteriorated due to numerous potholes and large cracks in the road. This was initially reported to Caltrans and they referred me to the City stating this part of the road is not under their jurisdiction. This is a heavily traveled area due to nearby Oakland High School and commuters coming off of the freeway.

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Q. What were you doing when you encountered the problem?
A. Driving
Q. Is there a hole, or is it more like an entire area that looks crumbled like an alligator's back or a bunch of cracks?
A. More like an entire area

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