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FACILITIES MGMT: Traffic Signals & Signs Acknowledged

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FACILITIES MGMT: Traffic Signals & Signs


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Two traffic lights on Forest Hill, one at the intersection of Forrest Hill and Wimbish and the other at the Ridge Ave intersection. There needs a to be a longer delay from red to green with opposite traffic. People are running the red light and it’s green within a second after Turning red. It’s very dangerous and one must delay pulling out or Turning when you have the green light to make sure others have actually stopped. Almost been hit several times and seen others almost been hit as well/ it’s very dangerous!! Please add longer delay/ time.

also asked...
Q. What are you requesting repair of?
A. Signals
Q. List exact location
A. Forrest Hill/ Wimbish and ridge ave at Forest Hill
Q. Signs - Be specific in description box
A. Other
Q. Is the metal pole damaged?
A. No
Q. Signals - Be specific in description box
A. Traffic Signal Light

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