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FACILITIES MGMT: Traffic Signals & Signs


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I literally could vomit ... I was leaving the neighborhood taking my boys to school. When the light turns green we turn onto Vineville heading toward downtown. There are the 3 lanes on Pio Nono. A car was in the turning lane make a left onto Vineville, a Bibb County Bus was at the light to go straight onto Pierce. The 3rd car was in the small lane that can either go straight until it eventually merges to one lane once you go straight on Pierce .... he decided to run the red light, my night was green so I went. He was not turning right onto Vineville which a lot of people tend to do so every time our light is green I inch out to make sure there is not a car wanting to turn right and does not see me but this FOOL ran the light and came inches from killing me and my boys on impact. I am NOT a dramatic person but he was flying ... maybe 50-55mph and literally could have slammed into my boys side of the car and killed them. I am not sure what to do about this but our light is so so scary.
Maybe a sign opposed for Pino Nono letting them know there are people turning out of our neighborhood when they have a red light. I am sick about this right now and having a hard time getting the scenario to leave my brain.

PLEASE be careful and cautious 😢😬☹️😡

also asked...
Q. What are you requesting repair of?
A. Signals
Q. List exact location
A. 2626-2600 Stanislaus Plz
Q. Signs - Be specific in description box
A. Speed limit, Limited sight Distance, Other
Q. Is the metal pole damaged?
A. No
Q. Signals - Be specific in description box
A. Traffic Signal Light, Other

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