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A neighbor left their cat behind after they moved. Before that another neighbor left 3 Yorkies and kittens. One kitten wondered down to the end of my street and we took him in (he's an outside cat). The neighbor that left their cat behind my cat got her pregnant so we got him fixed. She is pregnant again and we took one kitten in because she got snake bit, one kitten died and the other 2 are going to a home together. I called Charlotte Humane Society they won't take her they said to take her to Animal Control so I called the Gaston Humane Society and they said that they couldn't help and to put flyers in my vets office or to take her to the Animal Control. If the Humane Society is supposed to help animals why won't they help me out and take her in. I don't understand why you see the Charlotte Humane Society on the WBTV/WCCB and they are either a stray or their owner has surrendered them but they won't help a homeless cat that is sweet and loving. They know what Animal Control will do and so do I. I would really appreciate your help!

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