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Illegal Signs


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On the side of Edwin Raynor blvd, at the corner of Raynor and Marble Arch dr is an illegal sign, “Anne Arundel Home Services 410-589-2819”. This sign is a large plywood and 2by4 built, two faced, more than 16 sq ft sign on the county right of way at that intersection. Now if they claim it is on private property, which I don’t believe then given this is a residential neighborhood only a home business sign no more that 2 square feet would be allowed in a residential neighborhood. This is not a home business and it is more than 2 sq ft. If further some property owner is “renting” this space than they are running an illegal business, do they have a permit to run said bill board renting business, did they apply for a license, have they been declaring that income as business, is their property insured as a business or home or “undeveloped”, etc… Something needs to be done about property owners who think they can just rent space on their residence, for cash under the table. But getting back to the unethical business putting up illegal signage, “Anne Arundel home service”, did they apply for a permit to erect this sign, and yes a permit is required. If they got a permit to a “temporary” sign as they built, then they aren’t doing the job of removal. If they are keeping a piece of land leftover from home building, which I see some home builders do, then they still need a permit, they need to be insured for a structure on their property, etc… Do they have insurance on this structure they erected or are our county residents unprotected, you know they are children who play in this neighborhood. This is a licensed builder, doesn’t circumventing the permit process, illegal use of county property, violating setbacks among other issues this causes reflect on their approval for a license, if not I think it’s time the county start to make it so. Illegal signage by the roadside has been an issue for years, it is a safety issue, it distracts drivers from the road in addition to all the other issues it causes.

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Q. Is the sign damaged or has it been been placed illegally?
A. Illegal

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