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Franklin School Zone, Park, Pool vision zero safety request.

We are respectfully requesting that the intersection at San Jose Avenue and Paru Street be upgraded from a 2-way stop sign to a 4-way stop sign. The 2-way stop signs on Paru Street offer no protection or safeguards for vehicles and pedestrians crossing over San Jose on their way to Franklin School, Franklin Park, or Franklin pool. This intersection must be upgraded to protect vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
This request is consistent with Alameda’s new “Vision Zero” policy, which was adopted on 11/9/2019 and is designed to reduce and eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries using a multifaceted approach that also increases safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all.

Indeed, as noted on the City’s Transportation Safety webpage1 , from 2011 to 2018, 16 people have died, and 82 others have suffered severe, life-changing injuries on City streets, which is an average of two deaths and 10 severe injuries each year. And in the last two months, there have been five collisions involving students walking or bicycling to school.

The intersection at San Jose Avenue and Paru Street is especially unsafe for children and families walking and bicycling to and from Franklin School, Franklin Park, and/or Franklin pool. Based on California Vehicle Code 22352 and 18 USCS 921 (25), this intersection falls within the Franklin Elementary School Zone; yet, this is the only intersection in this School Zone that lacks a 4-way stop. This glaring omission resulted in a collision2 on 9/25/17 where a child bicycling to Franklin school was stuck by a vehicle, and continues to contribute to numerous near miss accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians. As vehicular traffic on San Jose Avenue increases and individuals continue to drive at speeds in excess of the posted 25-mph speed limit and drive while distracted, we have grave concerns about the safety and well-being of pedestrians using this compromised intersection.

We urge the City to immediately address these real concerns by upgrading the intersection at San Jose Avenue and Paru Street from a 2-way stop to a 4-way stop. This request is consistent with Resolution No. 15605 – Establishing a Vision Zero Policy to Work Towards Zero Traffic Deaths and Severe Injuries, which was unanimously adopted by the City Council on 11/5/2019.

Franklin Elementary School Zone Families

Supported by:
Franklin Elementary Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Executive Board
Alameda Swimming Pool Association – Franklin Pool

[1] Alameda Transportation-Safety-FAQs
[2] Berkley Transportation Injury Mapping System Case ID: 8463156

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