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I suspect the video detection system used in this traffic light is not properly calibrated. There is a known problem with video detection systems that they mis-identify bicyclists as distant motor vehicles. When this is the case, and what I've seen from this system, the system will give a green light to most motorists approaching on a leg that's already green, but quickly change to red on the approach of a cyclist. But they do detect the cyclist, as the trigger for the next green phase will reliably be set for a cyclist. I've found in general for this light, unless there are motor vehicles already nearby in my direction, this signal will usually turn to red for me (unless I am traveling over 20mph) approaching on my bike even if there is no cross traffic within detection range, and there has been none since the last signal change.

Supposedly, the software in these units has a configurable pixel size for detection, that can correct this problem. Someone should verify with the manufacturer of this system what the current pixel detect size is set to, and what it should be set to in situations with significant bicycle traffic, for the signal to operate properly.

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