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On-street Parking Issues


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Street sweeping and Tickets
Today my whole street received parking tickets for street cleaning, this should not be allowed I did read the sign and yes it states dec 31
But I watched the parking people come down the street and ticket everyone but what was not behind him was a street sweeper and to be honest have not seen one in a month now
My question is can you prove to us that street sweeping went out today and when was the last time cause I have not seen one since mid November and feel like we are getting the short end of the stick with this one
How can we resolve getting tickets and the service was not provided???

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Q. An immediate Parking issue should be reported to the Chelsea Parking Enforcement during regular business hours at (617) 884-3100 and the Police Department during night-time hours at (617) 466-4662. If you wish to report any other issue, please provide pertinent details, such as address, vehicle plate number, times of day, etc.
A. No Answer Given

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