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Right-of-Way Maintenance


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Reopen # 6546807. Please address this issue. This is a public right of way that is being used as a personal driveway by owners of property tax lots # 9025-3 and 9025-2. There is no concrete apron at the end of this alleyway and traffic is causing weathering and erosion that results in sand and debris being washed south down into NW 17th Street then west down NW 12th Rd and eventually into the creek system. We have asked that the City place a truck load of crushed aggregate or stone here to fortify the soil so that it does not erode. The original request was bounced between City and County and EPA with nothing being done. Residents in this area pay stormwater fees but are the ones that have to go out and clean up the sand and other sediment that washes out from these areas after each storm. We don't want gutter and storm sewer engineered solutions but the City should be able to come in with low cost, low tech solutions that fix the problem (like, as we have already suggested before, placing gravel at this location). The other solution would be to stop traffic from using this public right of way as a driveway/alleyway.

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Q. Please identify the type of maintenance needed.
A. Right-of-Way/Alley Cleanup

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