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Litter / Trash


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Small vacuum vehicles needed to suck up trash ALL along Park Avenue!!! Starting from the corner of (Park Avenue and Taft Avenue) ALL the way down Park Avenue, towards the University of Bridgeport (UB). The UB Campus is spotless, but on Park Ave before you get to UB is disgusting with trash. Yes, I know that some unsavory persons must litter; but the majority of the community do not, and we can’t stand litterbugs! We do not want to see garbage along our sidewalks! Post lawn signs in those areas if needed - saying DO NOT throw garbage on the street!!! This is going to need ongoing cleanup.
On a sunny, dry day the small vacuum vehicles will help a lot with clean up. On Park Avenue, also pay close attention to the areas with bus stops, especially by North Avenue.
Gosh, everyone can see it! The garbage on the streets!!! Gross! We can do better. More frequent vacuum truck cleanup needed along the sidewalks on Park Avenue. From the corner of Park & Taft Ave towards UB. PLEASE. Thank you.

also asked...
Q. What does the litter/trash consist of? (i.e. cans, wrappers, cardboard, plastic)
A. Mostly paper, wrappers, litter on the sidewalk
Q. Is any of litter large and/or hazardous? (Please specify.)
A. NO.
Q. Where is the litter/trash located? (nearby intersection, milestone, landmark, etc.)
A. Along Park Avenue. Starting at the corner of Park Avenue and Taft Ave, heading TOWARDS UB.

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