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Roswell, Georgia


Traffic (Striping / Marking)


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The speeding and lack of regard for crosswalks and the people who use them has once again become an issue. My dog and I narrowly missed getting run over by large black suv who was going so fast down Mimosa Blvd! We were in the middle of the street in the crosswalk. Traffic calming needs to be done on Mimosa Blvd. it’s a race way and is getting worse with COBB cty people using it as cut thru. Ramsey is also another speedway and cut thru. Make it one way and do something to slow traffic down. This has been an ongoing issue for many many years and the city totally ignores it and chooses to do nothing. Someone is going to get critically injured or killed. It’s the entire length of Mimosa. The consults who did the master plan for the HD even recommended traffic calming on the most historic street in our city. Shameful the city doesn’t care about their citizens. Yes this is harsh but I am very shaken right now and this is not the first time this has happened And has been reported in the past.


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