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City of Jersey City


Code Compliance: Sidewalks - In need of Repair


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The year is now 2020. I first reported this in 2018 and the City has done absolutely nothing. It is by the grace of God alone that someone hasn't broken their neck in this depressed sidewalk in front of 2361 JFK Blvd, the area is 3 pavement slabs wide at least 5 ft. x 2ft At night their is no lighting. Please don't play the typical City, County ping pong responsibility game. But parties are responsible for the welfare of the citizens. 2 years is too long.

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A. from 2018 — 2020 multiple reports have been filed yet this gaping hole in the sidewalk still exists. I am filing it as a new issue because after two years, I saw no sense in follow the previous posts. Let see if this year we can get it fixed.


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