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109 which is back cottage has had footing damage that a permit was never pulled. As well as a a/c unit was removed to add wall units or split systems, 107 the front cottage has had nearly a fire in the kitchen as the stove quit because of this. A new stove. also a laundry wall was removed and a doorway added. As well as a Kitchen totally replaced and a wall partially removed. maybe structure; not sure. also a exit door was cut in kitchen wall. Scary to me.

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A. 109 never had a permit pulled for the footing work that was done. The previous owner covered the damage. the current owner removed the living room floor to do said work.There are several cracked tiles and severely uneven flooring which is scary as the structure may be at risk. Also in that cottage the ac unit was removed to add split systems. I don't think any permitting took place. In the front it has recently had the kitchen removed, walls taken out and electrical and plumbing work done without permits. The new stove from Home Depot caught fire. it had been relocated along the wall that was removed. Hopefully that was not a structural wall. The lack of care is scary and im concerned for the publics safety. Thankfully no one was injured. He gutted the kitchen. Went through the wall in two areas to add doorways. One into the laundry as well as the doorway exiting. He also did a sub pump which has been known to overflow several times in laundry.. No permitting was ever done. He also took a part of the living room wall out to add a bar. Im not sure if thats structural or not but it needs checked. He also removed the carport himself which im not sure if thats suppose to be permitted or not. I have before and after pics. Sure it mkay look different but moving all of those things without checking with a engineer is not a good thing.


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