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Sidewalk,Curb Repair, Cross Walks


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Abandoned TI Police traffic cone on 2nd St. East, Isle of Capri?

On 2nd St. East, Isle of Capri, outside Sun Ketch III condo by the sidewalk, an orange traffic cone with “TIPD” (Treasure Island Police Dept) has been placed on top of a manhole for the sanitary sewer. It has been there since around Labor Day 2019, maybe longer.
There does not appear to be anything structurally wrong with the manhole, nor is any work being done there which would require the area being marked by a hazard cone. It is just sitting there. Did someone forget about it? Or if there is a hazard/reason for the cone, when will the work be done. There is no indication of any worksite etc.
It’s not a big deal but I see it every day when walking my dog and it just seems kind of silly. Maybe the cops want their traffic cone back? 😀Thanks!

also asked...
Q. What type of Issue?
A. Sidewalk
Q. Is this a pedestrian hazard?
A. no
Q. Location of issue?
A. Next to sidewalk outside Sun Ketch III condo, traffic cone on top of sanitary sewer manhole cover.


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