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"Children's Memorial Park Speed Hump Proposal
To Whom It May Concern, In an attempt to improve pedestrian safety, in the neighborhood of Oracle River Road Estates, in the County of Pima, in the state of Arizona, I propose Speed Humps be installed on W. Edgewater Drive and N 15th Ave, Tucson AZ 85704. Speed Humps play a crucial role in enforcing speed limits in paved neighborhoods to prevent over speeding of vehicles. I have recently moved to the block of N Hansen Ave and W Edgewater Drive, approximately 0.3 miles away from the Children’s Memorial Park and Diamond Street Loop. I have observed on a daily basis, vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed drive west and east bound on Edgewater Drive. I have spoken with neighbors who have voiced their concerns of the issue but simply acted, as it was the “norm,” and even told me to “watch out for your kids when they are in the front yard.” I do not believe this should be a “norm” in any neighborhood that has a Pima County Maintained Park, “ Children’s Memorial” for that matter, with visible posted Speed Limit 25 MPH signs and Pima County Sheriff’s Department Neighbored Hood Watch Signs. This neighborhood should have already maintained Speed Humps, it is crucial that these be set in place. The installment of Speed Humps in this neighborhood would enforce speed limits, being self-efficient, where we Tucson Citizens will not have to make a complaint with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. This would be a crime preventative measure and would keep Officers available for priority calls throughout the county. During the weekday during rush hour mornings and rush hour evenings I have observed drivers who are traveling north on La Canada make a left on W Edgewater, travel at a high speed , make a left on N 15th Ave just to get on W. River Rd to avoid rush hour traffic traveling Eastbound. Drivers are cutting through the neighborhood to avoid the N La Canada and the W River Rd Intersection. I have a toddler, my neighbor has a 1 year old, the neighborhood is filled with children who often walk to the park to play. I fear without some sort of speed enforcement, particularly speed humps, it is only a matter of time before someone becomes seriously injured due to a reckless driver. If there were a Home Owners Association for this neighborhood, I would have brought the issue forward to them, KGUN9 Operation Safe Roads was also considered, however I am first requesting the Pima County NTMP Packet. Please consider these concerns. Thank You."

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