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Traffic Safety (non-emergency) Acknowledged

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Traffic Safety (non-emergency)


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Driving down Beaumont to make a left turn onto HWY 580 Hayward bound A LEFT TURN LIGHT SIGNAL IS URGENTLY NEEDED. Accidents always occur there due to cars being pressured by time. There is not sufficient time to cross over onto HWY 580 Hayward bound because of the high volume of cars on opposite side. Then the high volume traffic perpendicular come on over. This dangerous problem exist in the AM during commute hours 7AM-9AM, 3PM-5PM. However throughout the day it is also dangerous. Accidents have occurred different times and days of the week. It is also not a zone for pedestrians to safely cross over. A large number of residents on that route have to deal with this problem every morning. And every morning I pray that it's not me who gets hit. It's stresses us every morning.

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