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On-street Parking Issues Acknowledged

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On-street Parking Issues


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Corner of Garland and Washington Ave truck is parked all the way to corner giving NO clearance and the black SUV is parked directly in line of traffic when exiting and entering Garland. The large delivery trucks for CHA hospital are unable to negotiate this in addition to this being a dangerous intersection for vehicles due to reduced visibility related to curve of Washington Ave. We need no parking on corner signs all the way up Garland street as all corners and side walks are blocked handicapped individuals are unable to use sidewalk access points in some areas.

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Q. An immediate Parking issue should be reported to the Chelsea Parking Enforcement during regular business hours at (617) 884-3100 and the Police Department during night-time hours at (617) 466-4662. If you wish to report any other issue, please provide pertinent details, such as address, vehicle plate number, times of day, etc.
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