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Us-41 N & E Seminole Dr Venice, FL, 34293, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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There is a serious road marking issue on the NE corner of US 41 & Seminole. They paved there last week and neglected to replace all of the arrows on the road. I nearly had a wreck this morning because the vehicle in the left turn only lane had no idea it's left turn only, and went straight across. There are 2 lanes going W on Seminole across 41. The left lane is left turn only but now has no arrows indicating which direction that lane should go. The right lane is right turn or straight. This lane has a right arrow but no straight arrow. Thank you for click fix. It's much appreciated.

also asked...
Q. What street is the issue on?
A. Seminole
Q. What is the nearest cross street?
A. US 41
Q. What direction are you traveling?
A. West

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