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Hello I wanted to find a way to voice some of my concerns to the city of Bridgeport’s mayor Joe Ganim. I am a resident at the Bridgeport Public Housing Project The Greene’s Home. I live here in building 5 with my 3 beautiful daughter’s ages 14, 6, and 16 months and I have to say I live in fear for both me and my children. I have a lot of
Pictures in my phone of our living conditions with all the drug use, drug dealing, urine, beer, marijuana, crack bags, heroine bags in the hallway and stair ways. The elevator as well is always breaking down and always dirty with urine food drugs and everything else you can think of. The crimes that happen are beyond me. I live in fear for me and my girls and my girls are so terrified to live here as well as myself. The killing that happen last week was the topper. I was coming from the store with my daughter when all this happen and now I am absolutely sacred to go anywhere. I don’t want my kids going out anywhere either because I worry if something happens and this time we won’t be lucky to make it in the house. My children can’t sleep and when they do they have nightmares. They won’t eat they won’t concentrate they are lacking on their school works and now have to see a therapist to try to get them back to the happy bubbly exciting smiling loving and caring and fun children they are and always a great time to be around. I know that he is working on getting this place shut down but it has to be sooner then later and they have to start with building 5 because building 5 and 4 are the building that is always involved of the drug activity and gang and gun violence and not to mention robbery that I myself got robbed coming in the building. They need to get the people from 5&4 out before the summer because that is where it is all going to take place as it always does. The summer comes and the crimes comes with it!!!! Please help us please and thank you


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