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I live on Southwood Dr. and have 2 frustrations... first, since they've open our street up to Central Ave, the traffic is ridiculous. Several times a day our residential street turns into a freeway. Before and after school Carlton traffic (and a lot of these kids drive very recklessly, passing, speeding, etc.), before and after Bingo, before and after Raider games, not to mention regular traffic. People have realized that there's no stop signs between 6th Ave. E and Central, and so our street is now the choice of many who want to avoid school zones, lights, etc. It's dangerous, and there's many families with small children. I'm afraid it's just a matter of time before someone is hurt or killed.
Secondly, trying to turn left off of Southwood onto 6th Avenue is nearly impossible. First thing in the morning when there are people coming in from the highway, people are on their way to Carlton, you can sit at that light so long that it's actually quicker to turn right and go the long way around, or to make another detour somewhere along the way. We NEED lights at that intercetion, and stop signs and speed limit signs all along Southwood!


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