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 Four years ago I inquired about when the deteriorated section of Marble Arch Dr (From Leeds (west end intersection with Marble Arch)  to the top of the hill hadn't been repaved. I was told the rating wasn't high enough to justify repaving and it would be looked at again in 2 years. I tried to explain that the rating was probably showing the end of Marble Arch that connects with Edwin Raynor. But my suggestion fell on deaf ears. I called again 2 years ago and was told it would be done last year. I again called last year and was told it would be done the summer of 2020. After seeing the ridiculous semi patching job I saw this morning I have my doubts. I saw 2 holes patched in 100 yards of cracked pot holes riddled roadway. And you can see the patch didnt even fill the hole. Even the speed jump is crumbling apart. Why has this section of Marble Arch Drive become so derelict. It is a main road through Chesterfield and is a main school bus route. I have seen roads in other parts of the county that look fine get paved but when a road that is in obvious need of repair gets forgotten it makes me think twice what we pay taxes for. This kicking the can down the street needs to stop. Heck, with all the potholes you couldn't kick the can very far.

also asked...
Q. Is this a County maintained road?
A. Yes
Q. Problem location
A. Marble Arch Dr between west end of Marble Arch and Leeds to the top of the hill.


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