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I live at 30 Regent Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302 and pay to park in the garage located there. Because I suffer from complicated & potentially life-threatening health issues, I am physically disabled and unable to walk the 1/4 mile from my residence to the Liberty Harbor ferry. I have permanent Handicapped License Plates to ensure that I am not forced to try to ambulate distances.

Since I am still gainfully employed in New York City, I commute via the Liberty Harbor NY Waterways Ferry to Pier 11. Unfortunately, there were NO Handicapped Spaces in the Marina Parking Lot even though I had already paid to park there for the day. My Physicians (multiple specialists) restrict me from walking distances or attempting to stand from prolonged time frames; thus, I was left without handicapped accessible parking options when I arrived at the Liberty Harbor Marina to take the 9:30am Ferry to Pier 11. In order to ensure I made the 9:30am ferry to Pier 11, the RV Park allowed me to park in a space about 5 spaces removed from their office; however, they advised that I would only be able to park there for today.

Please advise what the contingency plans are in place for handicapped residents when the Marine Marina Ferry Parking Lot runs out of handicapped accessible spaces. I was advised by the clerk in the RV Park that the limited amount of disabled persons parking was assessed as sufficient by Regulators even though they were clearly unable to accommodate my needs for 02/12/2020.

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Q. If a parking issue, what is the problem?
A. - Lack of sufficient Handicapped/Disabled Persons Parking at Liberty Harbor Marina and Ferry - I have paid for parking on the Ferry Side of the Lot; however, I had to get permission to park in front of the RV Park's Office due to the lack of Disabled Persons Parking in front of the Ferry Ticket Office - I believe having insufficient Handicapped Accessible accommodation for patrons/residents is a violation of my civil rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

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