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The small intersection where Twilight Way meets the small roads that run behind the stores of the Pasadena Plaza Shopping Center is becoming a very dangerous intersection. As of right now, there is a stop sign for anyone driving on Twilight Way. If you are coming from inside the Pasadena Plaza and going into Creekstone Village, or if you are exiting Creekstone Village and going into Pasadena Plaza, you have a stop sign.

However, some individuals who are too impatient to drive through the Plaza and stop at these stop signs are now driving around the back side of the stores, either around the back of BJ’s and Planet Fitness, or around the back of Dollar Tree and Pizza Hut. The direction that they are coming from when they hit this intersection on Twilight Way allows them to avoid the stop signs all together, hence they don’t even slow down. They fly through the intersection, sometimes at great speed and into Creekstone Village. This has been going on for months, but it’s just getting worse.

It’s even worse if you are coming from inside the Plaza and going into Creekstone Village. When you are stopped at the stop sign, you need to look over your right should and out the back of your car to see if anyone is driving eighty miles an hour around the back of the Pizza Hut strip of stores. Because these stores are now behind you and to your right. Otherwise, if you don’t, you might continue and get t-boned from ones of these people.

I think someone should review this intersection before something bad happens. I believe stop signs should be placed on the other two sides, thus making it a four-way stop. Therefore, these impatient individuals would have to stop when they hit this intersection, and not continue with speeding though it.

also asked...
Q. Is this a county roadway?
A. Yes
Q. Does the issue involve a Stop sign, Yield sign, Do Not Enter sign or a One Way sign?
A. Yes
Q. Is the non-emergency sign missing, defaced or damaged?
A. Np

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