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Hoover, AL

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Stormwater System Maintenance

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31 lần

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flood, tree, drain problem

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On Alford Ave between 1018 Alford Ave and Pine Lane is increasingly becoming untenable. When it rains the road floods halfway and the yards floods 5 feet. We have lived on this street for 8 years and if you look in your police records there is always an accident there every-time it rains. We need drainage here and we need the trees that are on the right of way on the corner of pine lane and Alford ave cut down and pulled at least 8-9ft from the road. My wife and children almost got killed at that spot today because of the rain. I'm writing this letter as a resident of hoover and also mailing the same to the mayors office to put on the record the fact that drainage is horrendous and the lack of visibility if going to get someone killed.
any questions contact me
Caleb Wairegi

1016 Alford Ave,
Hoover, AL 35226

or any of my neighbors at 1018 alford ave

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