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Speeding Vehicles


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I couldn't find an appropriate link but a speeding vehicle is similar. I have made NUMEROUS complaints about my neighbors and their "company," to no real avail. I've spoken in great length to PSA Ballor throughout the last few days (which began because the Tip Line is unavailable to the public by phone at least), who then transferred me to Sgt. Burley. Presently, I am simply attempting to document an incident that JUST occurred, that I already assume the outcome to. My truck is broken, so I walked to Meijer & Speedway and on my way home as I was midway across the street, I heard a car accelerating. I naturally sped up. It wasn't until I hit sidewalk till I looked up and saw it was the white car that my neighbors (either Delaina, Jimbo) or their "guests" (Ashley, Lou) share to drive, almost hitting the black car in the oncoming lane around the corner. Considering I'd just explained to both the PSA and Sgt that they will taunt me worse if they were to come, since I have little proof, I NEED it documented. As I've stated to each officer that's been to my house for either break in, when I've been finally harassed with witnesses, the NUMEROUS times that I've PLED for assistance (trying desperately to allow you guys to do your job, without taking matters into my own hands), AGAIN, PLEASE pay attention to what happens here..AND WITH ME!! I'd just like to be able to come outside, garden, walk to get a pop even!! I'm CONSTANTLY harassed..BULLIED EVEN by drug addicts!! Up until a year ago (when I moved here), I'd called the police TWICE. Now, I pay for renter's insurance and cameras on $783/disability and have you @#$% near on speed dial??!! If moving were an option, I'd have broken my lease and happily paid the outrageous (like over 1K) fee!! Please actually be able to help??

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