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Water Leaks


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Water damage/flooding has wreaked havoc in the bedroom and closet of the apartment in which I live. The mildew stench is unbearable and the apartment itself is uninhabitable. Unfortunately, I'm only able to attach one photo, which is of the rotting/moldy insulation between the wall studs, and from where the water has been entering my bedroom, running against the base into my closet. I have many other photos and video of the water that has flooded into my apartment. This has been going on for a very long time, as the carpet tack strip has rotted out [I have photos of that as well], padding and carpet has been soaked, and the smell of mildew is atrocious. This was brought to the maintenance supervisor's attention, more than a week ago, who proactively alerted the proper assessment company to come and look at the damage. They pinpointed a leak from the wall and cut out a section of drywall [I have video of water dripping out of that rotting and moldy insulation]. In the meantime, a dehumidifier and fan were brought into my apartment bedroom and closet. Those were only temporary 'fixes' as it flooded again and the smell has only worsened. I have since removed all my belongings from the bedroom and closet, to prevent further mildew/mold damage, which is now overly crowding the rest of the apartment. Maintenance has been waiting on property management to pull the trigger on getting this issue taken care of. But I heard nothing for an entire week [until I went back into the leasing office and addressed the fact that the situation is even worse and that no one should be living in those conditions] and I've been having to live with this mess, the mildew, moldy insulation particles, bugs circulating in my apartment. What has taken property management so long to fully address this major issue and have it taken care of [which will involve ripping out drywall, possibly replacing studs, and making sure water runoff is redirected as to not cause it to seep in from the outside wall]?!! Not to mention, I've been having nasal and sinus issues in the past couple months and was sick for almost an entire month, and I'm sure it was caused by what I've been breathing in, due to the leak and damage it's caused.

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