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For no particularly good reason, GG Park is putting up street barriers on the weekend at this roadway. I'm handicapped, and now have to hobble on foot to the lake area. It's also random. Some weekends the barriers go up; some not. It's outside the area SF closes the park on weekends, so it's not even within park policy. And the lake it prohibits me from getting to is popular with elderly and handicapped to be driven to to sit by. There's no good reason for this area to be offlimits to cars on the weekends, since it's so rarely used, it's an off-leash dog area. It's anti-handicapped, and for no good reason. If it continues, and if SF City doesn't correct it soon, I'll be making an official complaint under the ADA act to federal authorities, which the ADA provides for, to force the City of San Francisco to allow weekend handicapped access to this area.

GPS location of where metal barriers are placed on weekends:
37 degrees, 45' 59" N
122 degrees, 29' 33" W

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