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400-426 W 11400 S South Jordan, UT, 84095, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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A visitor who rides the Frontrunner train reported a great amount of graffiti on the wall of the underpass at 11400 S. southwest of Walmart at approx. 400 W. He asked UTA to clean it up, but they said it was the Freight train responsibility?? and they have done nothing for over a month. He contacted Draper City where it is under the overpass, but 11400 S. is a State road owned and maintained by UDOT at this location and a majority of it is actually located in South Jordan anyways, not Draper City, as it not only under the 11400 S. overpass but also on the sound wall on the east side of the tracks north of 11400 S. on the South Jordan side west of the Walmart. I have additional photos I can send you and the contact information for the individual that reported it if needed. Can you please look into this and have it cleaned up or report it to the correct agency to have it cleaned up?

also asked...
Q. What direction were you traveling when you noticed the graffiti?
A. Northbound
Q. Where is the graffiti located?
A. Bridge Girder


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