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" Koskelowski is obviously being misinformed when you inquire as to facts and reality of the situation on all these activities. Bob the time is now to have the town issue a notice to remedy and prevent these activities.
Hey Bob why don’t you take the time to go to the home owners in these locations like the one on Walter road. You’re confusing the situation blight verse zoning violations. Maybe you need to recheck your facts and do something about the problem on Walter road before another person or persons gets hurt like what happened in town last month where the guy got burned and now has passed away. Letting this guy run a auto repair shop and working on commercial vehicles is clearly a zoning violation and you and Art Baldwin know it. In fact Art Baldwin has caught this guy red-handed under a car when he came up to the location on Walter road. So this is no longer anonymous you have seen it now do something to stop it. Just enforce the zoning ordinances correctly and enforce them as your suppose to do as an elected official of the town of Seymour. "


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