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Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged

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Sidewalk Repair


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City of Salem




tree, sidewalk, hydrant


This entire stretch of sidewalk is an extreme hazard. There is a water pipe sticking up about 5", large pieces of the sidewalk missing and there is a tree that is not too healthy with its roots upheaving the sidewalk. There is also a firehydrant directly on the property line of 22 and 24 francis rd that is too close to 24's driveway edge. People using this driveway keep hitting this hydrant which has happened recently and the hydrant is out of service and needs to be replaced.

It's my opinion that the tree should be removed, fire hydrant moved down a few feet away from the driveway entrance, water pipe addressed and new sidewalk installed. The children from the Middle school nearby use Francis rd daily to/from school and they all walk in the street to avoid this stretch of sidewalk. I am afraid someone is going to get hurt.

also asked...
Q. What material is the sidewalk in question? Asphalt, Concrete or Brick?.
A. Asphalt
Q. Has anyone been injured?
A. Yes I have sparained my ankle twice in recent years tripping on this sidewalk's hazards.

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