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Right of Way Maintenance


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My son's family lives on Charles Place. If you leave Vickery Elementary Mill School and turn left to head down Thomas Place, you cross a little bridge that goes over a small creek then you come to this huge tar bump and smaller tar bump in the road on the left. It is a hazard if two vehicles are trying to travel in both directions at this area. I go to their house several times a week. One night, it was pouring down rain and I came upon these bumps in the road on my right. I saw a large pickup truck approaching, so I moved to the right. I struck these two bumps and jarred my car so much, I thought I had hit a large rock or something. It looks like someone installed these tar bumps for drainage, maybe, but they are a hazard. Could you get someone to go look at it and see if the part that is ON the roadway could be removed? Thank you.


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