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Lost medium-hair orange tabby Manx (tailless) cat. Male, neutered, 6 years old, 9.5 lbs., microchipped. No white fur. Orange and buff only.
Has a ruffle of fur instead of a tail. Totally without a tail of any length. Looks like an orange basketball when standing. Typical bouncy Manx gait. Has a showy orange ruff of neck fur in winter.
Skittish is anyone tries to grab him, but usually comes if you whistle or sit down and wait for him to come to you.
He’s a much loved family member missed by the whole family and his feline brother.
Recently had a full Dental cleaning and 3 teeth extracted. Has serious food allergies and heart murmur.
Disappeared 9/19/19. No sightings since. Substantial reward for information leading to his return.

also asked...
Q. Was this animal lost in Anne Arundel County?
A. Yes
Q. If no, what county was the animal lost in?
A. No Answer Given
Q. Type of Animal
A. Cat
Q. Animal's Name
A. Pip
Q. Breed
A. Manx
Q. Gender
A. Male
Q. Is your pet spayed/neutered?
A. Yes
Q. Color(s)
A. Orange-red tabby
Q. Approximate Age
A. 6 yrs
Q. Approximate Weight
A. 9 lbs
Q. Is your pet microchipped?
A. Yes
Q. Please list any identifiable features/markings on your animal (ex. declawed)?
A. No tail at all! Not a stub or short tail. Just a ruffle of extra fur where a tail would normally be located.
Q. Date animal was lost
A. 09/19/2019 05:03AM
Q. Area animal was lost (Community, City, Zip Code) ?
A. 1/4 mile from Arnold Safeway
Q. Nearest Intersection where pet was lost?
A. Church rd and Sheridan rd
Q. Contact Name:
A. Karen Long
Q. Contact Phone:
A. 410-562-0645
Q. Contact Email:
A. kdlong88@aol.com

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