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MILBANK REAL ESTATE has left the building, 1535 taylor ave , in worst shape. now in forclouser we are left here cold and with a boiler that is not working. George the ,super2122035706, is hardlly the boilermaker . it is time that something is done . the garbage piles up , the windows are broken, the halls are never cleaned, there isn't any inforser to see that the super does the job of an super. this has gone on too long and last year wasn't any different. why then should the tenants pay rent if there services are not met,re;hot water,heat, clean&safe halls, windows fixed. there is a city playground and a school ,ps102, accross the street, it should be a safe zone ,it is not. where is Mayor Bloomberg with all the rederick of how our streets and children are safe . these children can hardlly get up and out for school ,clean and warm . this is a blight on New York City, Where are those city officales we voted into office , they are not helping this sitituation, i bet they wake to heat and hot water, feel safe to walk out the door. WE NEED HELP NOW. MILBANK REAL ESTATE NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

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