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Public Park


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What is the city doing to this park? In the fall the biggest shade tree was trimmed so badly, it had to be completely cut down. It had one dead branch on the street side, and escalated into killing it. Can you please replace it? Now there will be hardly any shade. And as if the workers were bored, please explain this: All shrubs were completely sawed off, not trimmed but destroyed, gone. All of the birch trees on the sides have at least 2 stems sawed off, for no apparent reason. They were not hanging down, nor were they growing to wide......and the timing is cruel, as the shrubs cannot regrow, but birds were staring to nest. So once again, what benefit is assumed by destroying almost all plants that were obviously planted there originally to embellish the playground? Might as well just pour cement in a lot, add some slides and call it a day. Please explain, and please provide steps as to what will be done.

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