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I went there about 30 minutes ago and saw a rat crawling around. I told the man making the chicken and he started to get aggressive and kept yelling at me asking me what kind of chicken I want. Than I said “ there’s a rat crawling around right there “ and pointed to it. He saw the rat with his own to eyes and said “yes there’s rat” and mumbled some more words I couldn’t Understand. I left and couldn’t stop wondering why after all this time I’ve been there, why did I see a rat today at this time . I went to a stop and shop down the street and as I was leaving I saw a officer at the exit door and asked him what I was supposed to do and he told me to get in contact with you guys. I feel as if is my civil duty to report this issue, the name of the place is “ Crown Fried chicken” on 474 Whalley Ave New Haven,Ct.


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