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As of March 6th ,2020 I continue my two a day walks. Unfortunately I have seen little response to these zealous Off Trail Bikers and their quest to dominate the Tranquil Old Growth Forest .
I suspect young bike riders continue to “cut small trees” and disturb the ground Landscape tools and with their bikes from this point shown along a 700 foot line more or less parallel to the private homes of Village
Oaks . They have unfortunately worn a wide beaten path (ground disturbance ) that used to be an animal trail . This is and continues to be blatant disregard for our rules and is very harmful to the Forest Floor and understory and stream embankments .This path proceeds Northerly and at times is within 15 feet of many backyards. It then reaches the “wetlands” and the Northern Brook and then turns 90• East along the High and environmentally fragile embankment where they have used old and dangerous metal landscape materials to build obstacles all to enhance their “Off trail Bike Riding Experience” often without helmets. It then turns south and emerges near bench number 1071.
It is time, in advance of spring/summer and anticipated heavier use, that More well placed and Specific signage and enhanced enforcement are needed. These “intruders” are violating the law and degrading the experience of the hundreds of vested and tranquil walkers . Elderly walkers and often their elderly dogs do not mix well with bikers careening about off trail . We do not want our fragile Old Growth Urban Forest needlessly harmed by negligent and aggressive bike riders .

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Q. Which Park is this located within?
A. Brook Run Park

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