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Traffic Signs Acknowledged

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Traffic Signs


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Cars continuously block the driveway.. and it’s impossible to see when turning out of the driveway of cars are parked along the street right here. I wrecked my brand new car trying to turn out bc I could not see anyone coming. Can we please make a no parking zone next to the school zone sign right here?

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Q. What is your area of concern?
A. Sign Needed - Traffic Signs.
Q. Why is this a concern?
A. There was a cop in my driveway and he couldn’t even see to leave. He had to use his police lights to get out. It’s unsafe when cars are blocking visibility. It’s also incredibly inconvenient when you can’t get in or out of your own driveway.
Q. What type of sign missing/damaged?
A. No Parking
Q. What direction were you traveling?
A. Unknown

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