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Jack Laufer, III Chief of Police 610-384-2300 ext 3139 - See more at:

The chief of police, City of Coatesville
Mr. Jack Laufer, III Chief of Police
From a citizen of Russia, Moscow, Golovacheva Str. 7-2-79
Mitina Gennady Lvovich


Dear Jack Laufer, III Chief of Police, in 2005 I спокоойно talk and do some shopping on EBAY.

No problems before contact with гражданимом city on ELM street 574 live Trey Shelton not normal for this small town Internet thief. On EBAY his login usedtobenew-2k address who sold me the уствревший telephone is not used in Russia, referring to the impossibility of replacing the SIM card.
Selling through auction me apparatus - he agreed to return the money for the phone provided they send the phone back.
The device was shipped and received a citizen Шелтоном in April 2013. Since then, gr. Trey Shelton does not go on electronic communication with me, refuses to perform the treatment of EBAY and thus holds in himself and his apparatus and my money in the amount of $ 346 $ that in any country of the world is robbery.
A team of EBAY Charter deal with this dishonourable suggested I contact z a help to you to receive and return to the owner of lawful money in the amount of $ 346$

I hope for your influence in the city and прффесионализм and in order to prevent the ввереном city You need Internet theft - force (convince) the citizen Shelton return the money to the rightful owner. Additionally obtain from the Court of the City of Coatesville compensation of moral damage in the amount of not less than 10 000 $ in my favor, inviting representatives of the company PayPal and EBAY to testify behavior thief Shelton , although in this case you can do written certified testimony., conduct gr. Shelton which not only pulling my head for 3 months and constantly lied companies PayPal and EBAY auction until the company Pay Pal never figured out the whole truth about the behaviour of gr. Shelton. and истребовала off his debt for возврашенный goods. But this amount is an education for the future (or present) of thieves Trey Shelton.
Also I ask to Convince the court to fine the gr. Shelton on sum not less than 100 000 $ in favor of the city of Coatesville P.A. for трты their household needs of the city. After that, tourists can learn about the presence of thieves computer technology in your city - the number of them probably will be reduced. giving this fact publicity to make people think, potential hackers and Internet thieves, who think that if their evil deeds they are from overseas to their't get justice.

Mitin Gennady
Moscow, Russia, 109380

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