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Code Enforcement Issues -- Private Property Acknowledged

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Code Enforcement Issues -- Private Property


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This renovation remains a nuisance and danger to the neighborhood. It’s been a year, and there has been NO significant progress. It’s impacting property values, it’s unsafe, it’s attracting people looking for a vacant place to hang out, and it’s in violation of multiple city ordinances.

There is exposed lead paint on the trim work. The trim that was removed also had lead paint, and it was not properly abated or handled. It was ripped off with no containment measures or regard for the safety of the neighborhood.

The demo work that has been completed was never cleaned up properly, and as a result there is constantly debris blowing all over the street.

The dumpster is overflowing. There is trash all over the property. There are numerous pieces of siding just hanging off the building and blowing in the wind.

It is honestly ridiculous that the city is allowing the owners to leave their property in this state for so long with absolutely no progress on the property.

There are constantly kids smoking weed in the backyard, and sneaking onto neighboring properties to access the abandoned building.

Can something please be done beyond just saying “they’re working on the property”? They quite clearly are not working on it at all and it’s past the point of being acceptable.

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