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Today (3/11) morning at 8.30 am I was about to witness a tragedy. A group of school kids were were waiting to cross with their parents in front of 270 Marin Blvd, Jersey City, 07302. Shown with #1 in image. There is walk sign shown in #2, but car drivers never obey it. A little girl from the group ran forward to spot#3 in image and car came speeding from direction of #4 arrow and the girl almost hit the car. This is very dangerous crossing where a tragic accident is waiting to happen. Last month I witnessed a car accident at the same spot when a car exiting 270 Marin Blvd was hit by another car coming from direction of #4 arrow.

There is street parking very close to crossing as shown in #5 in image. People waiting for crossing at spot#1 can't see car without going dangerously close to spot#3 and car drivers can't see people and don't slow down to obey crossing sign. Please take care of the situation.

Some suggestions -
1. Remove parking spot shown in #5 in image so that there is more visibility
2. Install flashing walk sign much before spot #2 so that car drivers have time spot it and slow down
3. Paint signs on road or install speed hump

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A. 2. Traffic: Street Signage Maintenance (For all requests for new sign installations, replacements, corrections, relocations, and removals. Requests are typically addressed within 1 to 2 months.)
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A. An accident waiting to happen

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