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Code Violation Inspection


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Legacy Auto Imports on Yadkin Rd. Unsafe and unsightly business practices roadside including approximately 40-50 cars and trucks in varying states of disrepair, engines and car parts on the ground, an exposed auto lift just put up there. It looks terrible for the city of Fayetteville, not to mention business in general, to operate with reckless disregard to established laws governing hazardous materials and contaminated fluid disposal etc. Rules and aesthetics codes are set forth by our city to be complied with and I hope this is remedy immediately. This was brought to my attention by an out of town visitor from South Carolina-“I cant believe you all can just put up a lift and tear down and work on cars right in the side of the road” is what he said. I rode by and took these pics and sure enough there it is. EMBARRASSING! Thanks for your attention to this matter.

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